Sunday, 22 July 2012

What Do TL's Teach - by Joyce Valenza

Joyce Valenza's 2011 What do TLs Teach? poster briefly outlines the roles and responsibilities a teacher-librarian has.  
TL's not only teach, but they model inquiry and research, they evaluate the resources for students to use so that the information they are accessing is credible and available in multiple formats and in turn, teach students how to achieve this themselves.  

As the digital age spreads across all fields of communication, it is vital that students are taught how to respectfully engage in its use and how to use technology as an effective resource as well as an outlet for leisure.

The teacher-librarian can also open the door to the creative digital world where your imagination is your only boundary.  Websites, animation, digital storytelling and publishing are just a few avenues that digital media can send you down.

Our TL module notes suggest we place a poster size version of this on our office door or noticeboard for all to see!  As the profile of the TL in schools is raised, those who read the poster will understand.
Joyce Valenza 2011

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